Columbus life week two

I live in Columbus Ohio now. It’s bigger than Dayton more expensive. Struggling to stand on my own feet.

It’s this muddy steep hill while it’s pouring down rain so thick you can’t see and I have more things to carry with me that my arms are accustom to hold. Shaking from weight pressure and exposure to the elements you may notice a determined grin. A glare in the eye that meets adversity and takes the hits as they come. I won’t swing back  I haven’t the means nor the desire. Me I’m going to stand my ground. I’ll adapt I always do. I’d rather earn respect the hard way than ask for help or beg for sympathy. Anyway things are looking better now financially. I’m not so worried about making rent as I previously was.

My home is a hobbit hole in the ground buried into the far right corner of a labyrinth. I’m serious the twists and turns of the Fox and Hound apartments are easy to get lost within. There are hidden surprises like a clear swimming hole, running wheels and stones to lift so you might increase your strength and agility. There is also a gathering place where you’ll find machines filled with various cakes and snacks easily taken with you on any adventures you my take on. And maybe there are some stinky monster dumpsters and maybe a brave dog  in passing off to run some quest thanks to the aid of his loyal human so pathetically dim witted he must follow along tied to his dog champion by a string.

Inside our hobbit hole is a mixture of art gallery and unpacked boxes. The cats own the home and I rent a room. I find my part of the hole to be quite cozy and I feel genuinely happy with it. An absurd collection of found objects, art to be restored and created, my room is the behind the scenes work in progress part of the art gallery. There are no real lights here only two desk lamps and a chain string like Christmas but with oriental lamp covers. There are blankets on the floor as a bed marked clearly by a teddy bear and pillow. My vanity is a turned over milk crate extended, desk surface is a used dried paint pallet board. I have jewelry hanging on thumb tacks, maps and drawing paper pined to the walls.

I love this little room space and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I just need money and some more friends? Maybe not… this could be time to be productive get much done.

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