10 Mar

The Blog episode 4

The Blog episode 4

The Blog 2016 episode 4


I’m currently listening to the new Animal Collective album Painting With. The album prior to this was Centipede HZ, an album for which I once wrote an article in Dayton City paper. I had the amazing opportunity to have a phone interview, for this article, with Geologist the sound sample member of the group. It is now several years later when I think back that I realize what terrible job I did. I wish could apologize to Geologist, so I shall now use this blog post in order to do so, and to attempt to somewhat explain myself.

First off, let me tell you a few things about my time with Dayton City Paper. I got the job because I had worked for Rosewood Art Center in Kettering Ohio teaching drawing comics and drawing anime classes. One of the people I worked under had recommended me after I told her about my writing. That job at Rosewood I had gotten through somebody last minuet not being able to teach drawing anime. It was the day before the first class and they had nobody to teach it. My friend Obscura a professional photographer, who owns her own studio now, was teaching portrait photography there at the time. She suggested my name and asked if I’d like to do it. I said yes. I had one night to make my first lesson plan. So what I’m saying here, is that I kinda bullshit my way in, I figured it out as I went. The same goes for Dayton City Paper I’d taken a nonfiction class at Sinclair never journalism. I will say I am a quick learner, and writer by nature, but the whole interviewing part was always far from up my ally. I’m an awkward creature, anybody who has ever worked with me, taken a class, gone out with, or ever met me will agree to this. And Animal Collective is my favorite group of musicians in all the world. There, I said it. I just fucking love their music. I listen to Leaf House to calm myself and step away from whatever’s upsetting me. I just feel it in my soul. It’s my favorite song. I really love Strawberry Jam and since it was my first AC album I listened to it over and over so every lyric, every musical lift, is engrained in my head. Listening to that album is comforting like going out with a true friend and relaxing having fun, standing outside late at night in summer heat.

I should also say, this was only my third article. For my first article I just tried to write stuff down. I didn’t record it. That’s how winging it I was. How much I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. So anyway, I was excited. I over prepared. I read other interviews, I studied the Wikipedia page. And when it came time to interview I gave it the full throttle obnoxious wanna-be Barbra Walters.

I’d just like to formally apologize for not knowing etiquette and letting my fangirl excitement get the best of me. I only behaved as I did out of admiration. I’m sorry.

So for the new album Paint With, I like it, there are a few stand out tracks. Overall it’s heavy of Panda but it’s working nicely. I got it on record, my first record. Tonight I am going to see Animal Collective live at Newport. There is a good chance I will blog about it later.



I should take this opportunity to announce that I have decided to change my blogging goals. I will post at least once a month if not more. I have found that my new job requires more of me than I originally anticipated. I’m behind on the novel by weeks when I had been writing daily. I’m making money and I’m able to start saving, but I keep finding myself too exhausted to write. So yeah once or twice a month I thin

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