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You find yourself standing at the bottom of a hill near a creek surrounded by trees. These trees are covered in a thick green moss and it’s really messing with your allergies. The sun beams in from between the branches of the trees above you. The sound of the creek rolling over the rocks is a bubbling gurgle like the playful laugh of nature. Spider webs and squirrels appear out the corner of your eyes. The good and bad all apparent and like all things a matter of perspective. Some people hate squirrels for screwing with their garden and some people actually think spiders are quite neat. I don’t, but I do consider both sides.

I’m the girl who walks up you from the creek. You hadn’t noticed me creeping up further amongst the rocks and water. My hands and clothes will be covered with mud. I’ll explain to you that I saw a frog and was determined to catch it. I’ll speak to you as though I’d known you for years. As though we were friends, and if you should read this then we are friends. I’m going to share with you my little life adventures whether you want that mud on your hands or not. I’ll show you the world through my warped perspective and hopefully you’ll find it entertaining.

You’ll notice my hands are empty bearing no frogs. You’ll notice a demented smile of coffee stained teeth. We do try to promote optimism and appreciation of the small things. It’s the hunt, the journey that truly matters. Besides I came close enough to touch the frogs slimy back so I still feel rather successful myself.

This blog is loosely about travel and reviews, it’s about making fun in any situation and looking at the world a little bit differently. Life is an adventure if you look at it just right. You’re only bored if you choose to be bored. As my new friend I feel compelled to take you under my wing. Stick with me and learn the ways of the free spirit. Float, fly and be free. I’m not even so great at it myself but I’m getting there. Crape Diem, seize the day, all that shit.

I’m a creator of various degrees. I write, I draw, I paint, make comics and general Illustrations to go with my writing. I make recycled stuff sculptures, and occasionally puppets. I make costumes and live a bizarre, creative, fun fucking life.