This Friday I’ll be speaking at Texas A&M University. I’ll be reading my non-fiction essay “See” and a new flash fiction “My Window.” (This will be that particular flash fictions first public reading.)       Thu, April 28, 2016 – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s English and History Departments will host the Bodies Graduate Symposium Keynote Address featuring a talk to be given by Dr. Raul Necochea, titled “Windows to Binational Health: Preventive Care and Latin American Migrant Women,” on...

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The Blog episode 4

The Blog 2016 episode 4   I’m currently listening to the new Animal Collective album Painting With. The album prior to this was Centipede HZ, an album for which I once wrote an article in Dayton City paper. I had the amazing opportunity to have a phone interview, for this article, with Geologist the sound sample member of the group. It is now several years later when I think back that I realize what terrible job I did. I wish...

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The Blog 2016 episode 3

The Blog 2016 Episode 3     The Saturday before last Saturday I slept in. I woke up around 1 or 2. Having my new sushi service job I knew this would be my last free Saturday for a long time to come. I had no particular plans for this day aside from doing as absolutely little as possible. I would set new standards for lazy day nothingness and hopefully never even change out of my pajamas. But that’s not...

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Some life has passed

Things have been good and things have been bad, that’s life. There have been new experiences and I’ve met new people. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

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Blog is back!!

Well folks, I once warned you this moment would come... I’m bringing The Blog back. Perhaps this time I’ll do things a little differently. Most likely not. As long as there aren't really any readers I can keep on doing whatever the hell I want. And honestly I've always just wanted this blog to be my own Hunter S Thompson/Jack Kerouac style exaggerated diary.

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The most important thing you need to know about Poptart is that he is imaginary. He is an imaginary character that was once used to fill the storyline needs of a particular group of girls in the midst of middle school. We called ourselves TKO.

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Melancholy Evil Poptart 43 (The End)
Melancholy Evil Poptart 42
Melancholy Evil Poptart 41