1 Mar

Desolate Ohio coming March 22-24th

Desolate Ohio coming March 22-24th

I haven’t participated in an art show in years… Well that’s about to change I guess.

I’m going to be participating in this art show called Desolate Ohio. The idea is really cool actually.

I’ll blog more updates on how it goes and such at a later date. For now I am oh so tired. If you are in the area then you better come and check this coolness out!

Desolate Ohio:
A Dayton Art Revival
In home Gallery Show
featuring local Artists.

Come out and support our artists, crafters and musicians.

March 22-24 (Friday-Sunday)
3:00PM-9:00PM (FRI & SAT)
3:00PM-7:00PM (SUN)

1811 Chimney Lane AP 1A
Kettering, OH 45440

Bus, car, plane, bike, moped, Vespa or magic carpet.

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