Ohyacon Saturday

Again I didn’t have time for good writing and I was using a shitty camera phone. I promise better work in the future!




I always wake up if there is sunlight. I wake up early. It’s right in my eyes like a spot light of a cruel sick bastard who wants no one to sleep in ever.

Badtz and I go to this cool little Japanese store. Cute shit and cool shit every where. More authentically Japaneses stuff than what you see in the conventions dealers room. We go next door to a Japanese grocery store and I buy some reasonably priced Sushi which turns out to be decent not amazing.

Badtz drops me off for she has more math to do and I wander the con ready to get some good pics on my cell phone at least.

I run into a friend dressed as quail-man and we talk and wander for a bit. But like a passing gust of wind I find I must move on.

I run intp Sea-Bass and we walk across the street to his car and then across from there to North Market. He eats a waffle claiming it’s the best waffle ever. I sample every free sample I can. I’m the sort of poor who will make some sample rounds at Kroger and call it lunch. I stop and smell the coffee longingly.

Sea-Bass lets me borrow his badge to check out the dealers room. I have maybe $5 I could spend which affords nothing there and there really wasn’t anything I wanted anyway. Who needs stuff? Anyway Sea-Bass did not have his badge on a lanyard so of course I dropped it and had to go up and down every isle looking for it in a panic. I asked the free poster table if they’d seen it and some girl saw it turned in. I had to make a rounds of the room again this time bothering every employee I saw. I did get the badge back thank goodness he’d done initials over his male name for the badge.

Badtz came to the con in the late afternoon. She snuck in her bag three beers which we drank in the handicapped bathroom stall. Having not eaten anything but sushi that day I got a buzz quickly. I wrote on toilet paper “Ew gross” “And who did this? Fucking Hooligans” and decorated the toilet with them. I might add that the toilet was gross when we got there. Frankly it was mighty decent of us to use the most unwanted of all the stalls. Anyway I put on Badtz wig and we both chugged away. At one point the bathroom became more crowded and then there came a smell. Badtz yelled “I’m taking a shit!” And I burst out laughing. I almost couldn’t stop. Sure the girl who was shitting was probably mortified but that sort of human thing you gotta learn to accept. We all shit. I heard you shit when you have a baby so girl deal with it.

We leave to walk down high street. I suck at drinking I really do. Once there is a buzz I feel compelled to keep it and get more drunk.

We hit a few bars we end up at Skullies where we intend to watch this electronic band that Badtz likes.

My friend Mel Dog joins us while Badtz tall skinny dude friend joins us.

I regret drinking so much and in the future I will not allow myself to drink liquor in public. Beer only in public. I danced, I puked in the street, I stole a drink right out of a strangers hand.

I have not drank excessively since this day. I’m working on it. I don’t plan to stop but I need to learn how to control myself. I gotta work on discipline and will power all that bullshit.

Turkey pigs in a blanket at the market. Bigger than they look too.


Break dancers had a battle. It was cool as shit and entertained me for like 45 minuets. I wonder if I was even allowed to be in that room without a badge?













I don’t know why this bird apple from the market ended up at the end…