Second to last Waffle Tuesday


And today was my second to last waffle Tuesday. Two weeks left is creeping in, seeping in, sinking in with heavy gravitational weight. So sudden I desperately want to see all my people and do everything I can before I go. Weekends are already booked and pushed and crammed into every free second I have. Weekdays I’m still charting, mapping, leaving open to the wind and getting an idea of best course to sail. I am resisting the expensive urge to go out each and every night I have left.

I ride up with Swanky. At Waffle House we meet T-Fish and her new playmate from work. He seems nice and decent enough. Perhaps we intimidated him. He is at least six years younger than Swanky and me. A good four years younger than T-Fish.

T-Fish has come a long way and I feel for her myself being a late bloomer. I can see the difference in her behavior and speech. She’s lost weight too. She seems happy and I’m happy for her. Let’s leave this on a good note right.
Swanky is Swanky as usual. Unfortunately I had to get up at 6:30 for this waffle morning which is waaay earlier than I’ve been doing as of late. I was grumpy and at one point flat out said fuck you which is the extent of my grump beyond snaps here and there.

Motorcycle and Angel came late. Angel divided her time between us, former coworkers and former customers. Then there was everyone having plans with her for the day as Tuesday is one of her two days off. She and I had been talking for well over a month now about getting together to watch Neon Genesis Evangellion. However, I don’t mention it at all as Swanky says horses and Motorcycle says bargain Tuesday movie. Honestly I’d given up on that as of last Tuesday. I’ll watch it by myself, give me something to do as soon I’ll have no wireless internet no cable.

Anyway everybody was in a good mood aside from my lack of sleep grump. We spoke of plans for the weekend and plans for the 4th. We joked and everyone else ate breakfast as I drank coffee after coffee. Why still grumpy? Perhaps I’m lying to myself about how much I’ll miss these people. It’s perfectly natural though. Go through life, live, by the end of it you’ll have loads of people, places and things to miss. Moving to Columbus… it’s like if I’m a bird I’m about to see a whole new tree. I don’t mind missing. I don’t mind that pain. My dog Cody died just about a week ago. He was a good dog. I miss him just as I will miss a lot of things. And like I said I don’t mind missing. Missing means good memories and good memories are what make life worth it.