My Valentine’s Day

“I just had to walk from here to 2nd street market because I locked my keys in my car!” I tell them. Smiling and nodding, I have everyone’s attention. “I deserve this!” I declare raising the mocha up over my head. The manager agrees with me “Yes you do!”

I start up the stairs with a sweet sip of triumphant delicious late. I turn around half way.

“And I had a coupon!” I shout like an Olympic gold-medalist. My audience claps and cheers as the library seems to stand still in awe of my achievements.

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Toledo Mordor

She climbs inside and turns on the car. In silence I hear only the tires backing up over the gravel driveway. She shifts gears and we’re out on the street. She sighs as though she’d been holding her breath for six minuets straight. Then she turns to me and smiles. The weight of the ring had finally been lifted.

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