21 May

It’s been a while 5/21/2013

It’s been a while 5/21/2013


As of my last post I said that I wanted to change the focus of this blog. I still plan to do that. For now I have been focusing on finishing Melancholy Evil Poptart. I think the Kateelore.com site can focus on the Web-comics for now as the blog decides what it wants to be.

I feel I should explain to you that I originally wrote Melancholy Evil Poptart over two years ago. At that point in time I never thought I would be going back to school and a lot of aspects of my life seemed very bleak.

I must also admit that I fell off the band wagon several times during this little break from posting. I made a fool of myself and am embarrassed to the extreme. I thank all my awesome friends who have been so amazing to put up with me. I’m back to getting my life together and trying to direct my energies to the positive. Columbus will be a new start for me. I’m going to be my own positive force to change things. I have to…


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