24 May

New style trial with cats

New style trial with cats

Here is an idea for blog strategy let’s see how this flows:


Kate E Lore
, wearing a white tank top under her giant comfy black Beatles hoodie. Hair is currently a chin length off center inverted bob. Hair is yellow blond with faded green and purple. She has makeup smeared around her eyes that she still hasn’t washed off from the Day before.

Sage, the old calico cat. She was staring at me but now she’s drowsy with her head slowly dipping down. She’ll wake up for a second to glance at me from her perch on the recliner opposite. I like to think she is checking to see that I’m still here so she doesn’t feel alone.

Zell, my orange and white wonderful boy cat. He’s two years old? He literally just walks up as I write this and sits in my lap. He has a new blue collar with Bell. He is asleep surprisingly quick. (Sage stared at him but now slips back into that light doze of a sleep.)

What: Thanks to the cat in my lap I now have to lean awkwardly over my keyboard. It kinda hurts my wrist to type but I could never refuse this boy.

Where: Huber Heights Ohio. My mom’s house. I’m surrounded by little trinkets and sunflowers. With four people home right now I see no other human beings. Rei is in her room, my mom in hers, my brother is in his makeshift garage room. These cats are my family anyway and right now the living room is ours. (Where is ‘lil Miku?)

When: 5/24/13

Why: I’m trying out a new blog strategy. I could start carrying a notebook with me everywhere. I could give little glimpses of my awesome life while not overwhelming you readers with every single step by step detail. I like the idea of an occasional bizarre situation that isn’t fully explained. I’ll also try to give some vivid descriptions when applicable.

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