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Last Sunday: Gem City Comic Con, vinyl records, beer and books

Sunday March 24th

I slept in quite enjoyably then looked out my window to a world of snow.

“It was warm enough to wear a skirt yesterday what the hell Ohio!” I exclaimed to the universe with my fist clenched and raised toward the sky.

Baconator was dusted off and warmed up. I drove out to Rei and Greencoats house. Greencoat seemed to be feeling better from his recent injury which is cool. They do vinyl Sunday in the house known as Stath-End. I entered the living room to be greeted by the warm embrace of an old timey record. It finished up shortly after my arrival so Greencoat put on some 60’s psychedelic pop next. This was a Dayton band that got one song on the radio but never made a second CD. It was ok but extremely rare and apparently a fantastic find.

Once Rei was ready to go we marched out of the house single file into the snow. Greencoat took shotgun in Baconator, Rei the backseat, as I drove out to Gem City Comic Con for day two.

The weather must have stopped a lot of people from coming as I noticed the con being considerably less crowded on this second day. Jesse Nobel waved to me and I waved back but I did not get a chance to talk to him unfortunately.

I ran into Motorcycle and Dr. Ok who I was surprised to see attending both days. Not much else to do when It’s snowing I guess.

“We were just talking about all the cool stuff you’re doing,” Dr. Ok said. “Your name being in the book.”

“My name is in a book?” I asked feeling very confused. Then they showed me the guidebook to the con which tells you of all the event times and locations of things. There on the last page was a special “thank you” list of all the people who helped contribute to the Gem City Comic Con. And on that list of names was my name.

“Oh cool! I didn’t know I was on there!”

I went home with two copies of that little booklet. It really made my day.

What also made my day was finding a vendor with a great selection of vertigo trade books. The lack of people on Sunday allowed for me to really dig through some of the boxes. I feel bad that I forgot the name of the vendor, he had so much good stuff. I reasoned myself down to only four comics. I got a Death comic and Mervyn Pumkinhead both I’d read from library and am now happy to own. Then I got the first two books of Winters Edge which I’ve never had a chance to read before. It all cost $20 but I only had $18 so he cut me a break. Very cool!!

Greencoat got the first book of Jeff Smith’s Rose with art by Charles Vess. I didn’t know he’d never read that before or I would loaned him my copy.

Happy with comic books in hand we stepped out of the Nutter Center to find the snow had stopped and already started melting.

We went to One Eyed Jacks. I drank a blueberry beer and ate Thai spicy peanut chicken wings as they’re on sale on Sundays. It was absolutely fantastic and I think food will be the only reason I continue to visit that bar. Rei and Greencoat had fancy beers and I forget what they ate.

We hit half price books where Greencoat bought some records.

At 6 we went to bookclub where it turns out only Greencoat and I had finished Oryx and Crake. It was an excellent book but I can’t blame anyone for being busy. Boone did not attend this meeting.

I hit Swankys before going home to get bunny and owl nails done. Very cool and so far extremely durable which is necessary for me.

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