12 Mar

Super Sober Spring Break Days 8, 9 and 10 (The end)

Super Sober Spring Break Days 8, 9 and 10 (The end)

Super Sober Spring Break
Day 8, 9 and 10
Friday Saturday and Sunday

This will be short and vague again because I really do need to do homework.

Friday and Saturday were Boone days. Well Friday was also a T-Fish day and a work day.

I’d gotten a lovely 4.5 hours of sleep thanks to getting to bed after midnight and then being woken up about 40 minuets early thanks to my brother screaming at the dog. Work was first with work being work. After that I went home and napped on the couch for about two hours. After that I went to see T-Fish and we spent the entire time talking. We made an Asian curry which consisted of my stolen potato and her onion, oh the poor life. We ate it over rice and it was really quite good.

Friday night Boone took me to the movies and even bought snacks for us which I sneaked in via my purse. The movie was Side Effects and it was meh. Boone has been into Rooney Mara since Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. I think he really just likes her in that one role. Yep that’s his taste in women. I have a pair of black leather legging I’ll wear on special occasions, but I’m not about to cut my hair and dye it black. I don’t believe in changing yourself for other people.

Anyway we had a decent evening and some of my recent annoyance at him is lessened, some of my grump worn off like muddy shows across dry cement.

Saturday we just hung out at his house. We finally had a productive day as I had been asking for a long time now. Yes movie and TV days are great but sometimes I really wish I could have a day to write and draw.

So I wrote a new short story. This one is for Dayton Daily News Short Story contest. It’s about if suicide was legalized and the new standard of death in our country. The story focuses one a man who wants to die before retirement and the intervention of his family members as is a required via a hour long meeting before the procedure may take place. I have an uncle who killed himself in his twenties and although it happened before I was born I have seen the effect that still lingers on certain members of my family.

I finished the art for one Melancholy Evil Poptart issue and did the initial inking of another.

All in all it was a good day. We watched breaking bad and I ate a lot of junk food.

So anyway now it’s Sunday and here I sit. I know I need to do all that homework I’ve been putting off. It looms over my head like a evil dark rain cloud. All these things I’d planned on doing throughout the week. All this procrastination has wadded up and rolled like an avalanche onto my one last true day of Spring break. I go back to work and school tomorrow. Back to the stress and consistent demands, back to the daily grind, back to getting up at five in the morning. Part of me wants to put it off for just one more day…

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