Waffle day

We had another Waffle Wednesday on Wednesday. It was my third day back into school Spring semester and this day I had a meeting with Dayton City Paper. It was a bright morning where the sun reflected off the white snow and it melted into puddles under your feet.


J-Rabbit and I rode separate because for the first time I had to leave first. I had work at ten. Angel and Motorcycle arrived just after me and Swanky. T-Fish was invited but she slept in and missed the entire thing.


I ate hash-browns capped, chopped, and peppered. I then drowned it in hot sauce.


Anyway this will be a short one.


We four sat there and we all talked about plans for the future. Not that far off impossible to imagine future but a reasonable hope for the summer and fall. Swanky will graduate from nail school in February while Motorcycle and Angel are looking into getting an apartment down town. We talked about hang outs and crashing over. We can grow up and do our own things but we can still see each other. We can still party and we can still have fun. I myself am still waiting to hear back from OSU. If accepted I’ll move to Columbus and hopefully I’ll get some super cool roommates and my friends can come and crash at my place. We can all go to OSU college kids parties. The thoughts of progressing with life, keeping friends keeping fun these thoughts give me a wonderful lingering good mood.


For the record the DCP meeting did go well.