Your Turn! Art reception

Your Turn show also on display now!

Ok so I got to do a piece for Dayton City Paper about the Works on Paper art show. It was at this show where I discovered Francis Schanberger. Schanberger who made “Somnambulist #3” in what is possibly the most interesting process of anything from the show. “It had started in the early 1900’s as an attempt to make photo sensitive material from plants,” Schanberger explained. Basically, he took clumps of fresh cut grass and hammered them onto paper. The paper absorbed some of the pigments from the grass taking on a musty green-brown color. After that Schanberger put a pajama top over the piece of paper and left it in a window for sunlight. The shape of the shirt imprinted on the paper with the help of a little photosynthesis. “[I] wanted to make a visual surprise,” Schanberger explained. “I never know exactly how it will turn out.”

Francis Schanberger is married to Bridgette Bogle who teaches art at Sinclair Community college. (Actually she was always one of my favorite teachers and yes I had her for a few different classes.) They are both are featured in the Works on Paper show. Bridgette has recently begun to work with print making again for the first time since her college days. Her Print works Tilted Horizon and Just a Little Explosion are both on display.

The pair of Schanberger and Bogle are currently running a show together called Your Turn. It’s like a visual duet. Schanberger will be displaying some photography while Bogle has created a series of paintings that are direct responses to those photographs. Your Turn is being held at the Blue Sky Gallery on 8 North Main Street downtown. It will run from February 1st to March 1st. Both opening and closing receptions will run from 6-10pm. The closing will feature a creative “inspirational potluck” where everyone is encouraged to bring something that inspires them. Think of it as food for the mind.