The piece that didn’t make it into my school paper

Do you find yourself struggling to carry a massive pile of books day after day? Do you wish you could simply carry only the books you need at one time versus all of them at once? Some of you are thinking “you mean get a locker?” but no that is not what I mean. I mean; try storing stuff in your car!

In years past I have chosen to use my car over a locker. When having classes from building 13 onto anything past 14, parking on the right side of the garage can become a convenient middle ground. You can stop at your car and take a nap or just listen to music between classes. Ignore those cars that wait as they think you may be leaving. They’ll give up soon enough.

I actually move my vehicle from one side of the garage to the other on those long days that start and end on different corners of campus. I find this time alone in that rusty metal solitude to be a nice little break from the stress of working on campus and learning things.

I should warn you there are some inherent risks to car storage. For one thing you might want to hide and cover your valuable’s including expensive textbooks. You’ll want to always lock your car and park near the security station if you can. Car trunks can be great for quick safe storage but there is some risk of temperature damage.

Speaking of temperature it is awfully cold out. You might be thinking it’s far better to just use a warm locker inside, but nay I say. That cold car just doubled as a giant refrigerator to hold your lunch! On the hot days I would probably advise against storing food in your car. Unless it’s coffee with no cream. In that case you should park where you can get fresh sun and leave that coffee in the window. If it’s no hot by the time you get back to it then at least it’s still kinda warm!

The lockers at Sinclair, for those of you who take the bus or get rides to campus, are located in the basement halls surrounding the library and connecting the buildings. The prices range from $4 – 10 based on the size of the locker and how many semesters you need it for. To sign up for a locker seek The Student Leadership Development office in building 8.