A hazy lazy Sunday


Who: Kate E Lore. Hair messy blonde with bright red recent streaks and faded blue older streaks. Hair is a little moist from a recent trip to Walmart. Kate E Lore thinks Walmart is evil so she sees absolutely nothing wrong with helping herself to leave in conditioner and spray hair coconut oil. She is wearing a large T-shirt from a Radiohead concert that happened just about one year ago and shorts blue corduroy that seem to ride up into underwear the more she walks around.

Her thumb is throbbing from a recent cat bite. The fat cat Bodhi was receiving a bath. She took a cheap shot and fangs sank in deep into the fleshy left thumb of the writer.

J-Rabbit Swanky is wearing a flowy black off the shoulder blouse over a neon green tank. Her hair is up in a black knit hat. She wears jeans and sandals. She has no cat injuries. She was doing the easy job.

When: 6/2/13
Where: J-Rabbits house. Her bedroom which is at times a hangout, at times a gathering place. This has been a room of pow-wows, laughter and confrontation.
What: We are watching Seven Psychopaths. It is midday. Bright sunlight pours in through the glass window just over my head. Smoke from recent incents catches in the light forming into a semi-transparent dragon that shifts in shape at times to a snake.
J-Rabbit is eating macaroni.
I proclaim admiration for the actors in this film one by one, well for one in particular a bit more than admiration.
Why: It’s a good movie and this is a decent easy little Sunday. It is a nice summer afternoon moment. This is a moment I choose to remember. Sure I’ve had some more exciting moments this week, just yesterday I’d spent the day garage sale shopping and then spent the night at the bar with the gang. But I don’t have to share every single adventure, sometimes a simple plain moment can be good too.



See: This movie
Smell: Incents. A semi bitter semi sweet floral burnt scent that tickles your nose like recently blown candles.
Feel: Cold. I’m not so adjusted to air conditioning and Swanky cranks it up. I feel a warm soft blanket over my bare legs.
Taste: I’m drinking water. It’s not from the tap like water at my house. This water was bought in a jug. This filtered spring water is clearer in my mouth than the Smokey air I breathe.
Hear: The voices of Woody Harrelson and Precious.

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