My fashion shame

Once upon a time I had my first big group meeting for Dayton City Paper. This meeting was to be at Therapy Cafe. I was excited and wanted to look cool. I wanted to make a good impression. I wanted to seem current and stylish.

I’m met up with Swanky prior to the meeting and was somewhat intoxicated upon arrival at my house. I grabbed multiple things that I like and thought upon each piece this is cool, this is cool, I like this I should wear this.

I did not think the outfit all the way through, as a whole, instead I had thought only of each piece separately.

Here is the only surviving photograph of the absurd outfit I wore that fateful day.

photo by J Rabbit Swanky
photo by J Rabbit Swanky

I swear I’ve learned my lesson and it will never happen again.

The lesson to take away from all of this is that maybe a good outfit needs only one cool stand out piece at a time. Maybe most of it should be a bit more understated, one focus ya know.

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