Super Sober Spring Break Day’s 2 and 3 (All over the place)

Super Sober Spring Break Day’s 2 and 3
Saturday and Sunday

So Saturday I wake up to a fury of text messages from Swanky. It turns out her deep thought silences from the night before were the forth-rising of some serious decisions.

I had unintentionally caught up on sleep after a month of getting up around 5 in the morning. I woke up at 11:30 with Meekerz snoozing on my belly. Actually we both sort of woke up at the same time so I feel no guilt for moving her.

Swanky J-Rabbit was sitting in the corner of her bed crying when I found her. Her hair was big and curly however messier than I’m sure she intended. She had the heavy makeup from the night before smeared down her cheeks creating black sparkly tears.

The gist is this; he moved to Florida. He told her he’d only be gone one year. They remained in regular contact and he did come back so they could spend Christmas together. However things were never made official and he said himself that he feels like he is in his late teens not about to turn 30. To her this was a non-commitment red flag. To top it all he mentioned another Winter visit which means he will be living there well past one year.

So I guess she got fed up and she told him they shouldn’t talk until he moves back. I did my best to play the supportive friend but I’ll admit I’m an awkward animal so don’t expect much comfort from me.

She had all her blankets and long pillow pulled up besides her in that little corner.

“Do you like this cocoon I made,” She asked motioning to what had become of her bed.

“Yeah,” I said. “I feel like this is your nest and your a bird and I’m this lizard from the neighborhood who’s come over to visit. And I guess this must be Florida because there are no lizards in Ohio.” I lift my Styrofoam coffee cup in the air. (This is a gas station coffee cup from the night before that J-Rabbit had left in my car. I decided to keep it and drink it so I didn’t have to wait for the coffee maker in the morning.)

“And this is like an acorn with some morning dew I collected.” And this is all word for word because this conversation had been recorded. I’m going to eventually make a documentary. It’s going to be about me and Swanky growing up, lower class existence and anything that will be fun to look back on. I’ve been recording us off and on for the last two years. My camera is a piece of shit but I feel like the footage so far is really genuine and maybe someday years from now I’ll find a kick-ass film editor to help me complete the project.

“And we’re sitting here talking about this other bird who used to share your nest but now he’s in this tree all the way over there. And your like what the hell, and he’s like sorry and you’re like bullshit.”

She starts to laugh which is good.

“And me, I’m a lizard so whenever anyone tries to keep me I usually pop off my tail and get the hell away. That’s what I do. But this one he’s got a good grip so I gotta go see him later.”

Perhaps mentioning my relationship wherever it stands was a bad idea. She began talking about him again but at least she wasn’t crying anymore. They had been doing whatever for over a year and were together all the time just before he left. It was one of those “bad timing to really get close to somebody” situations. She said he had teared up when she told him (They were doing some sort of video face to face chat.) And I told her that might mean something. Maybe this will be the kick in the ass he needs to move back. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know that guy very well but he always seemed cool. I liked him in general and I liked them together but if she’s fed up she’s fed up.

Around two I left Jessica’s but I swung by my house before leaving for Boone’s. My brother had just gotten some money so he was drunk and hungry. He was talking about getting pizza and walking to Pizza Hut but it was snowing. I had to look up the phone number in the phone book for him. I let the wait time pass as my car heated up. I drove us literally around the corner from Jessica’s, as the hut is an easy walk, but any distance will suck in the snow carrying a hot pizza. He said I drive recklessly because I did a rolling stop. He said that’s what my dad would call a L.A stop. Although I was seventeen my dad never really got to see me drive but he had been to L.A at some point. I don’t think he would necessarily disapprove. We always got along very well and we’d probably have been even closer now that I’m older. Oh well though, a good memory is still a good something.

I drop my brother back off at the house and am rewarded with a slice of peperoni, onion and sausage pizza. I eat that as I drive. It’s snowing in pretty light fluffs as I cruise.

As I mentioned before Boone and I don’t have as much time together these days. He’s joined a business doing business-y stuff. I’ll admit that our lack of time together is beginning to show itself. That and I actually usually get under the influence when we hang out so maybe I was grumpy.

And here it was our one year anniversary. I didn’t get him anything but I did wear some skanky underwear which he got to enjoy twice. He got me some chocolate covered coffee beans that are actually the worst I’ve ever had and two pieces of super awesome fancy chocolates that came shockingly from the same place. One of the candies was a tiny chocolate shell coffee cup filled with a soft mocha flavored filling featuring a white chocolate foam top. The other was a little chocolate log hazelnut flavored.

He wrote me a letter which at first I took to be a sweet little love note but to be honest it reads more like a report card. It’s ok, neither of us is good at being romantic so we even out.

We watched some Breaking Bad and then went to a fancy place for dinner. We were the only white people in this restaurant but it was still welcoming. To me it was fancy and classy and cool. It’s a Cajun place in Trotwood called Taste. They had a live Jazz band and cool interior design with a neat back-lit bar. I had one drink, he insisted, to be honest it wasn’t enough to even get me a buzz but it was yummy. (I’d had a whiskey lemonade.) We had a mussels appetizer and he ate a gumbo while I ate a crab stuffed fancy fish over couscous. That food was really really good and he paid for the whole thing. The server was fantastic to the extent of bring us bread to dip into the mussels sauce after noticing us dipping shells in because we just liked it so much.

A lot of the people there were dressed nice. I was wearing a dress under my usual giant hoodie, but in joints like that I always feel out of place no matter what. They had both salad forks and normal forks but spoons came separate.

Boone had more plans with his new business buddies the following day so I didn’t stay late. I got home by midnight and found text messages from Motorcycle and Angel inviting me out to play free darts at the bowling alley.

My car was still warm so I immediately put my shoes back on and drove out.

It was Motorcycle, Angel, Dr. OK, Care, then Rich and his lady. I didn’t end up playing darts. I spent my time sitting around and talking. Angel was telling me about her new friend at work and how she said you should charge at a bear when he first charges because that’s your only opportunity to scare them away. She was laughing at her mental image of this girl charging a bear. She imagined herself charging to no avail and the bear taking her down like it was nothing. I imagined myself getting run over because he was actually charging at some other bear behind me. I told her he’d probably break my legs as he ran past me so then after I’d lay of the ground and curse him for ignoring me.

Care it seems is also on some sort of self improvement kick. We spoke of it only briefly while Dr. OK rubbed talk of all the fun things we’re missing out on in our faces. Motorcycle and Rich spent a long time talking about work as they just found out they basically do the same job but at different printing factories.

Everybody keeps asking me what me and Boone are going to do about me moving to Columbus this Summer. I tell them the truth. We’re going to try the distance thing. I’ll go visit him and he’ll come visit me. I will admit we’re at the point where things are requiring more effort and I haven’t even left yet.

Anyway I like to not think about sad things or frustrating things. I had a good time talking with my friends even if it was just two hours in the bar part of a bowling alley. I made them all promise to come to Columbus for Halloween because it’s gonna be the most awesome party ever and I’ll demand my roomies let them crash in the living room even if their uptight ass-wads. I’ll demand that one night.

I told Motorcycle and Angel we have to up our costume quality because OSU students have been known to rock some cool shit. Motorcycle assured me Angel is a costume master there’s no way they’d be outdone. I of course meant no questioning of Angels skills. I only mean for her to bring her A-game and perhaps help out the rest of us. I love costuming for sure but I’m realistic enough to show respect and Angel is deserving of said respect. She’s a costuming bad-ass. About a year ago we had talked about doing a Mortal Kombat group costume thing in which I would be Mileena with cool face paint under my mask and all. I don’t know if that is still the plan as she was about to be making five costumes and now she works over full time. That’s ok I have another ambitious idea and I’m sure she’ll at least help me if I need it.

We all say good bye in the parking lot. It’s snowing again the same light flurries from before. Nothing sticks but it looks like magic in the parking lot under the strange pinkish hue of those light posts.

Sunday I slept in yet again. I spend what’s left of the morning cleaning the house because my mom had been away for the last week visiting my sister and nephews in Florida. (I honestly think the only reason Meekerz started sleeping in my room is because she missed my mother.) After that I visit Swanky for a bit. I worry about her after this break up. It’s hard for outsiders to notice when she’s sad but I can tell. She’s getting trashed continuously while not leaving her room and that’s bad. I try to keep her focused on other stuff because I worry she’s going to tear herself apart regretting that conversation.

I leave from there to go get my mom from the airport. I pull up along the curb and then look at my phone. I had arrived half an hour early so I drove back out into Vandialia for a bit. Down a little ways from the Dayton International Airport is an adorable little donut shop called Jim’s Donuts. It reminds me of Daniel Donuts where I worked for the Summer just after graduating high school.

I get a mixed half dozen the best by far being a strawberry filled with peanut butter on top. It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it’s genius. I might suggest adding peanuts to the top because I like crunchy peanut butter sometimes too, otherwise it’s prefect. I only regret that I’d gotten the last one because I would have bought all six.

My mom takes an extra twenty minuets to get her luggage but we actually talk on the car ride home. She tells me about all the things she did and saw down there. Upon getting home she shows my brother the pictures she took while I loiter around. They go to the store so I hop on my computer and that was basically my Sunday.