Super Sober Spring Break Day’s 2 and 3 (All over the place)

So I guess she got fed up and she told him they shouldn’t talk until he moves back. I did my best to play the supportive friend but I’ll admit I’m an awkward animal so don’t expect much comfort from me.

She had all her blankets and long pillow pulled up besides her in that little corner.

“Do you like this cocoon I made,” She asked motioning to what had become of her bed.

“Yeah,” I said. “I feel like this is your nest and your a bird and I’m this lizard from the neighborhood who’s come over to visit. And I guess this must be Florida because there are no lizards in Ohio.” I lift my Styrofoam coffee cup in the air. (This is a gas station coffee cup from the night before that J-Rabbit had left in my car. I decided to keep it and drink it so I didn’t have to wait for the coffee maker in the morning.)

“And this is like an acorn with some morning dew I collected.” And this is all word for word because this conversation had been recorded. I’m going to eventually make a documentary. It’s going to be about me and Swanky growing up, lower class existence and anything that will be fun to look back on. I’ve been recording us off and on for the last two years. My camera is a piece of shit but I feel like the footage so far is really genuine and maybe someday years from now I’ll find a kick-ass film editor to help me complete the project.

“And we’re sitting here talking about this other bird who used to share your nest but now he’s in this tree all the way over there. And your like what the hell, and he’s like sorry and you’re like bullshit.”

She starts to laugh which is good.

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12/15/2012 Back to the Market

It was raining as though the sky were weeping and that would make perfect sense for how dreary and gray it was outside. The red bricks beneath my feet look slick however I find no trouble maneuvering across the parking lot. Second street market greets me by painted wall mural. Words letters, fruit, vegetables and flowers.

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