Supposed to be about the party but became about fashion?

J-Rabbit graduated nail school! She’s just about a professional nail tech minus one last test she has to take.

I am proud of you Swanky and go back for hair because you will be amazing at it too!





































Is it totally awesome for me to have a best friend in nails? Why yes it is. I enjoy being known around my school as the girl with weird nails. I always get something I like and I usually get to come up with ideas for what goes on them.

Swanky is good at what she does and I look forward to seeing how future crazy nail ideas come out.


So anyway she had a graduation party. Let me just say I love how people express their style at parties. I’m not saying people actively try to look cool but a house party the place where you are free to wear whatever feels comfortable no matter what the weather or situation. You can wear the clothes you don’t normally have a good enough reason to wear. The clothes that express yourself that you can’t wear to work. The stuff you’d want to be remembered in, not necessary your best but something that is truly you.

Dear friends whether you like it or not I will always remember you in what you wore last to the party. If I am to close my eyes and visually think of said individual they shall appear in last witnessed party clothing attire. Yes this puts a few of you in Halloween costumes. The Bandaroo in my memory stands wearing a Christmas sweater that features two reindeers having sex while holding a Budlight in one hand a cookie in the other.

Another style icon would be Angel. She is beautiful to put it simply. She’s a natural beauty and probably the sweetest girl I know. She’s genuinely genuine although occasionally flaky but who doesn’t get caught up in something from time to time? So anyway, she wore a cool purple top that was off the shoulder with a cool folded down button thing. Classy and unique. She wore black pants that may have once come from Hot Topic. These were pants with the hanging bondage belt thingy but they were so old it was a style more subtle than what you primarily see. They also actually fit her rather than being ridiculously huge. They were boy pants but not obviously so. Angel owned that outfit.

I actually told her my views on style and clothes that night. I worded it as such; “You can wear whatever you want as long as you believe it is you, then you shall own it and it shall be yours.”

I myself wore one beaded chain from my left nose ring to my left ear lobe. I kept a paper clip Sully found on the floor dangling from my right nose ring. My jeans were blue with cut out sections of black lace. I consider them my party pants and this party was their third ever public appearance. I wore my usual giant black Beatles hoodie over a solid black tank and see-through blue tank top combination.

The lady of the hour, Swanky, wore a mini dress with a crazy bright colorful pattern. She had her hair delicately curled at the ends. She had on black leggings and tan-brown flat boots. She looked lovely and had the wandering attention of several young men.

T-Fish wore a big black T-shirt and her hair was wavy from recently let out braids.

Motorcycle and the crazy neighbor both wore black classy dress hats. Grunge had on a hand-made blue wool hat. I wonder if Lady made it because that would be real cute. (I just found out that they were expecting in the kitchen at this very party.)

So back to the point…
I respect fashion in the idea of self expression and personalization. I hate fashion for simplistic mindless trends and expensive labels. I wish I could work a sewing machine, trust me, I’ve tried.

There are still a few things I am determined to have. (These are things I might commission my friend Angel to do for me. She is a really fantastic seamstress and I respect her work.) I want a swimsuit that is a white one piece with a sailor collar and short skirt. Yes I want a sailor moon swim suit but it will be water efficient and padded so white see-through won’t be a problem. Anyway I’ve always thought it’d be cool to swim in a sailor suit. The other thing I want, and absolutely the only onesie I’d ever wear… Max from where the wild things are. I realize I am a full grown adult female but I love that movie and I wish to embrace Max’s attitude towards the world. I want to bark, scream and roar at anything that annoys me or simply for attention.

Back to the party…

So you might say some of us looked cool, some goofy, some weird and yet no one could deny that we all looked like ourselves. Nobody looked like somebody else which is all I’d ever ask for.

We played cards against humanity. People hung out and talked extensively. Nobody puked. It was a cool grown up (casual by our standards) party.

T-Fish and Care were all over each other again despite warnings from concerned third parties. I made them both a strong mixed drink each which was probably the opposite of helping.

Care and Kuddle are brothers who I’ve both tried and failed to hook up with friends of mine. Apparently I’m a shitty shooter cupid.

So while the living room played kings or something and talked, the other room did PS3. In-between the two we converted the kitchen table into a beer pong battle ground.

I teamed up with Sully who is a rare appearance anymore. I couldn’t imagine him in anything other than a T-shirt and jeans or that pirate costume. I think we all remember his blue hair fondly even though it’s been years.

With Sully as my teammate and It turned out to be one of my rare kicking ass at beer pong nights. We kept winning even when I hoped we would lose so I could take a break from drinking. It’s good to win and it’s even better to be with friends.