Last Tuesday

Greencoat was in the ER when we got there. His head was wrapped up in a very silly manner but I couldn’t laugh for the blood on the pillow and sheets was an unnerving reminder of how serious this could have been. He’d gotten a skull fracture and 19 stiches. He seemed more tired than loopy to me. In any case it was scary and weird to see Greencoat, my brother from another mother, in a hospital ER like this.

So we did what you do when someone you are close to is in the hospital. We hung out and talked. We talked about what happened, about family, about books and pets. Rei had snuck in the beer she got Greencoat to show him (Which made for some funny pictures). I had snuck in some cookies but apparently he was on a no restrictions diet so my daring purse smuggling adventure had been completely unnecessary.

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