Thursday Skullys Ladies 80s

I’m so tired as I write this. My head is a steady swimming current. My eyes feel dry and the lids are so heavy. I’m considering a nap but I know the best thing to do is to stay awake. I need to stay awake and walk down to Average Joes bar at 6. There is going to be a social night for my entire labyrinth. All the minotaurs and damsels from towers are invited. All the knights and all the ogres. I might live in a Hobbit hole but I like to think of myself as an elfish princess who’d been raised separately from her family by warriors and cats unaware to this day of my true birth right. Right now it is 3:35 so I’ve got hours to kill. I know if I nap I’ll just wake up drowsy. Better to just be sleepy out of it than half awake drowsy.

So Thursday I worked and once I got off I met up with Badtz as I was already on High Street. We went to ladies 80s night at Skullys. She was under the sea when I got there. I sank in a little slowly but sure did reach the Titanic.

So first we ran into a guy who she knew from high school outside in the back patio. He was with a lady and they were both friendly. I guess they were on their third date.

Inside the music was steady rhythm and the lights danced in pulsing colorful synchronization. The people moved right along with with the motion of lighting effects and sound vibration frequency. I was under the sea in a sea of human beings. We danced on stage. We danced in circles around a guy and made plans with strangers to have a party at my apartment.

I ran upstairs for no reason. We went outside. I felt like I was going to throw up, I felt like I had a fever, I felt very happy I had a wonderful time.

Skullys is a fun bar and a fantastic venue. There is a good dance space, upstairs is cool, it’s easy to request a song, and the outdoor space is nice too. The bar is so so priced and usually there is a cover charge. Despite everything I still find the crowd on ladies 80s night to be delightful.

I met a tall Russian guy and I gave him my phone number which I later regretted and ignored anyway.

Some girl helped me not to vomit. Actually she was really cool. She was a costume designer and she was also quite drunk and I regret that I’ve forgotten her name/probably seemed rude.

I found Badtz again. We met some guy and this one said he owned a gallery. He said he is a PBR spokes guy for all of Ohio. He lived near by and said he’d get us beer. I said we would only sit on the porch and all was agreed. A second guy showed up. His name was the exact name as Badtz ex. The exact same first and last name. I told him that could not be his name. I renamed him Tony Blair because I decided he sort of looked like the British Prime minister. This guy was too drunk and stupid to even respond let alone express any sort of opinion on the nickname.

We drank beers and I got to talking music with the guy we came with. He had good taste and we had honestly a lot in common in general. He made a few snide comments however like; “Oh you can get your cell phone when it”s done charging in the morning.” He showed us his art which was really good but oddly all of naked women. He openly admitted that he has a British girlfriend and several things on the side. It turns out he knows my manager at 2Fish so I suddenly became very cautious of my words and actions.

Badtz smelled the danger and had enough. She decided to leave. I went with her walking publicly with a can of beer in hand for longer than I should have.

We hung out at this little park just behind High Street. This was when she started to be in a bad mood and got mad at me. I probably said something rude because I can say rude things sometimes.

By the time we left the park I was sober enough to drive. Badtz rode her bike home and I drove back to my apartment where Miku was waiting wondering where I had been all this time out so late.