Wednesday Circus EDM night

Hmm this working backwards thing is becoming tricky… What did I do on Wednesday…?

Oh I know Badtz and I went to Circus. They do a free ladies entrance EDM night. They even give you one free drink as a girl.

I like Circus it’s cool. They have people making paintings while the DJ performs. The art is always expressive and has such movement it always seems to go great with the music to me.

They have some themed artwork of circus side show up on the walls. They have a really cool seating area to the side. There is an outdoor area here too but I remember it had been raining this day so we did not go out there.

It was cool and we talked to a DJ guy for a bit but otherwise I think the night was fairly uneventful.

Oh and one of the head shops really close to there let us sample one of their new product so that was cool.

And that was it for Wednesday I do believe.