Welcome October


I do know it’s been a while.

I have been quite busy.

I’ve had many adventures and no time to tell them in a manner worthy of this blog. I’ve been doing a lot of memoir and personal essay so I shall probably spend the rest of the semester posting samples of some new stuff. I am not decided yet on which pieces shall get entered into contests and what will not. (If anybody actually reads this stupid blog go ahead and say which of my posts seems submission worthy please! It’s a tough call really as various contests seek various things.)

Stuff I am more set on entering will appear as a smaller clip while one’s I’m not finished with may appear in their entirety as I expect those to end up quite different via the final draft.

I am involved in a few clubs and finally making new friends. I am so financially down that I can’t really afford to go out and do anything for a little while.

I hope I am passing my classes.

I can genuinely say that OSU is a top notch education and I am learning so much. I expect this to show through the new writings.

I will start working on MEP again too I swear! Once it’s colder out I will do even less wandering and adventuring. As a hermit I shall be able to focus more on my creative pursuits.

I love you all! It’s looking very bright and sunny outside I hope you get a taste of it 🙂