12/15/2012 Back to the Market


And so Saturday, Kate E what did you do? Well folks I finished my Christmas shopping..

It was raining as though the sky were weeping and that would make perfect sense for how dreary and gray it was outside. The red bricks beneath my feet look slick however I find no trouble maneuvering across the parking lot. Second street market greets me by painted wall mural. Words letters, fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Inside it is a busy Saturday. Like that last time I come intending to try the Greek breakfast pizza but once I again I spend all my money on other things. I still feel awkward sitting at a table eating alone in public anyway.

I walk though the crowds and am taunted by the smell of delicious food. Thai food is my undeniable favorite. It tickles my nostril with the cocain like combination of spicy and sour.

Caffeine waits for me in it’s usual space and the thought of a latte is too tempting to resist. Creamy and frothy with the most subtle hint of chocolate and peanut butter. I will admit the flavor shot was unnecessary. Happy caffeination in hand I walk further into our market. It is busy this December day. I stumble into the little plant seller simply in order to break from the crowds. Here I find two plants perfect to get my mother as Christmas gifts. One is cool with pink tips on green plant, the other is a mini red poinsettia. This is more money than I need to spend so I leave to think this over as I walk to the end.

I sample some kick ass cheese and then find a great possible gift for the boyfriend. This gift cost a good deal more than I wanted to spend however that bastard is really hard to shop for. After much deliberation I finally decided to get it. I’ll go ahead and tell you this is the Amish preserves stand at the back end. He sells me this cool gift and tosses in a little extra that goes with it. A very cool dude and a highly recommended stand… I ought to find out what their called sometime.

A well timed phone call from the boyfriend convinces me to buy the plants for my mother. He is sick so our plans for the night are off.

Having spent a lot of money I pass up the Greek breakfast pizza once again. I finish my latte before I even leave the building. I come home. I wrap some gifts.

In the evening I go to my friends house here we drink, eat pizza and watch movies. It’s oddly warm for December so at one point we are sitting outside as the boys smoke. Being out of my mind by this point we are for some reason talking about Star Wars I tell them that I really like Yoda. I tell them that I wish Yoda were my Grandfather which leads to some laughs and somehow me talking like Yoda for the next twenty minuets. It’s a nice Saturday night with friends. J Rabbit brings up that we don’t hang out as much anymore. Dr. OK says “It’s because we’re growing up.” This is something we keep hearing lately. It’s like cosmic forces are forcing this upon us. Still we fight, struggling and screaming against the current. We can still socialize with our friends it’ll just be less of parties and more like casual hang outs, BBQs and kids birthdays. Why should growing up mean the complete destruction of social life? Perhaps it’s just because we are all working class slaves and society forces us to work until there is nothing left…

The Pizza was Papa Johns. It was ok. I do really like that they give you peppers with every pizza.