Super Sober Spring Break days 5 and 6 (Local bands and failed plans)

Super Sober Spring Break days 5 and 6
Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday I sleep in because upon waking up I realize I really don’t want to wake up.

Eventually I do get up and as always first-thing-first I must have coffee.

Tyger shows up full anxiety. She’s on Spring break too. (Here I’d imagined myself getting so much done during this break…) We eat chips and salsa then throw the baskets that once held paper plates like Frisbees into the kitchen. Tyger started it, she takes no regard for the possibility of breaking my mothers glass stuff.

I work on Melancholy Evil Poptart as she watches TV.

Later I put in contacts then makeup and we all meet up at Swanky for a trip to Therapy Cafe. It’s free on Tuesdays and they play EDR. I will admit that I was looking forward to this despite being the designated driver. This is Spring break and it’s the only reason I’m not closing on a Tuesday night.

The universe however decided to vomit on me. This vomit is fluffy white and bitter cold.

First Collins bailed. He said that he heard the roads sucked. Then when Angel and Tyger said they’d be just as happy to hang out there for several hours I knew it was all over.

Sure it was cool to hang with the girls eating more junk snacks and watching the tube. We all talked a decent amount too… but I’d been ready to go out and had still been willing to drive despite the roads. Oh well though majority rules in such situation.

We watched the last episode of The Walking Dead and I shall now take it upon myself to explain to you why I watch this show.

Yes Zombies are over done and stupid.

Yes I hate Zombies too.

I only started watching this show for two reasons. #1 I have the hots for Normal Reedus. #2 It’s based off a Vertigo comic series and Vertigo is probably my favorite.

Now I continue watching this show for several reasons #1 I watch it because outside of Zombies I’m fascinated by the idea of rebuilding society and trying to survive in a post apocalyptic setting. In regards to the rebuilding of society an example would be that Lord of the Flies had been my favorite book for many many years. Basically I’m more into seeing the functioning of a smaller set society trying to form itself through chaos than I am with the gore and action of The Walking Dead. I watch to see how they function in the group and what they must do to survive #2 A lot of my friends also watch it so we can discuss. #3 I enjoy seeing how the comic and the television series differ. #4 Norman Reedus, not the character Darryl, the actor who plays him.

Now that said I do have a few complaints about the show. There are parts that come off a little forced and all the little stupid dramas that get all dragged out. There are characters who act stupid simply because it stretches out certain issues so shit can continue into the next episode.

If I wrote for the show it would focus more on survival and less drama. Action might stay the same. I would focus each episode on only a few characters at a time. When you have a large cast and you try to give everybody so many lines an episode you just spread things thin and we get only a broad picture. I’d rather see a few close ups and get a really realistic glimpse of these people surviving through that stuff. Having discussed this with several friends they say yeah that’d be cool but it wouldn’t be as popular of a show. Number one I think both we and the people in charge of television vastly underrate the general public. Yeah there are a lot of morons out there but I really think there are more intelligent people out there in the world than intelligent people realize. Number two who cares if we lose a few gore freaks who start to say it’s boring. Forget about money and set out to win awards of artistic merit. Find purpose in your life with recognition over martial wealth… just an idea…

All that said this past episode embodies what I wish this show would always be every week. “Clear” is the episode I suggest you watch if you have never seen the show before and wish to give it a chance. It will suck a little for what you hadn’t seen in regards to character growth. But to sum it up Rick had started as a goody goody righteous cop. He was saved by this guy Morgan in the very first episode and they’d planned on meeting back up later but it never worked out.

In this episode we see what had become of this man Morgan. The acting is really good and it’s well done. I’d love to just watch a day in that man’s life. It’s tragic and so human that even through such awful stuff people will still develop their little routines to get through each day.

The stuff with Carl and Michone is decent but my only comment is that I like the idea of certain characters only seeming to soften up in the presence of a child. In this sort of setting seeing a kid would seem like hope and ignite people’s will to keep fighting I think. Children are the future and all that shit. The instinct to help and protect the young so they might grow up and carry on our species ought to be something ingrained in every human being. I suppose it’s not in all but maybe most. Perhaps Carl is really the glue of that group though he doesn’t know it. I’ve already said how I’d like to see this show end. Carl will be the only survivor hardened into a man by the end. I’d like to see him reach the coast and go live on a boat or something.

Wednesday… I wake up late again. I finish one assignment for one class before going to work. We’d had a two hour delay thanks to snowy snow so my five hour shift had been cut into a 3 hour.

Immediately following work I was supposed to go to T-Fish’s apartment for lets make curry hang out day. I drove half way when I realized she’d never responded to my text. This could only mean one thing… she was asleep. T-Fish is one of those deep sleepers who won’t wake up for nothing and she does not keep a normal sleep schedule. It’s been a big and continuous problem for her social, family and work life. Knowing her well and already being half-way out I decided to waste some time at this outlet store in Trotwood. They have bins of things that are brand new and insanely cheap. I’m talking fifty cents for blue fishnet tights cheap.

I like to continuously evolve my personal style so this place is helping me to do so affordable like. For the summer expect to see me wearing short, skirts and dresses all paired with a wide variety of colored and patterned panty hose. Most of which is fishnets and none of which is black or neutral. I also got a few small moving out things. The reality of moving is still just slowly sinking in for me.

So I turns out I spent over an hour in that store. I called T-Fish twice and left a message. I sat in the car in the parking lot and begun texting my sister. I had planned on going to the Pharaohs show this night but Rei and Greencoat were talking about not going. I could feel my disappointment sinking. Another Spring break bust. T-Fish isn’t waking up and now the evening music looked to be canceled. I hung down my head as the car rumbled awaiting my decision. Should I just go home and call it a day? I decided to try one last time. I quickly texted an offer to pay for Rei to see the show and then I dialed T-Fish’s number for one last time. It rang and rang but then suddenly…

“Hey,” A groggy female voice said.

“Your awake!” I exclaimed.

“Oh shit,” was her response. She’s been expecting me by four but here it was around 5:30.

So it turns out T-Fish and Motorcycle had gotten drunk together in the morning. They both work third shift so that’s like night to them. Motorcycle was groggy and moaning from the couch when my presence forced him to rise and shine. T-Fish offered me some fresh made Kimchi which I happily ate. She is a quarter Korean and knows how to cook such food thanks to her badass grandmother. Actually Motorcycle is part Korean too but I’m not sure his ratio nor does he cook as far as I know.

I’d brought with me a plastic bag of snacks and food I scrounged up from my house. I always bring pop but this time I also stole a potato from my mother. I had in my pocket a packet of oyster crackers I stole from a Korger soup and salad bar. As I ate these free crackers like chips as we all talked about scavenging for food. Oh the life of a poor twenty something.

Motorcycle played some assassins creed as T-Fish and I talked. It seems they’d drank excessively and were feeling mutually awful and sick. After Motorcycle left I drove T-Fish and myself to Subway. She was feeling so sick that I had to keep the music low and drive like a reasonable human being.

We watched an episode of BBC’s Sherlock and then I had to leave because somehow I’d succeeded in talking Rei and Greencoat into going to the Pharaohs show.

At their house the dog Ringo ran around like a hyper puppy as Rei got her stuff ready. The dog is part Jack-Russel if that explains anything to you.

At the show we arrive just in time. We catch the last two songs of one band while Pharaohs are next to perform.

I hadn’t known that Keith left the band until I realized that only three guys were setting up. Anyway they were still good and it was an enjoyable show. Greencoat danced, Rei stood there while I bobbed my head and bounced my leg because that’s what I do.

During before and after the show Rei and I had been continuously working out plans for the coolest St. Patricks day ever. We decided to have Greencoat drop us off at Oregon district where he would join us for Kegs ‘N Eggs. Greencoat being buzzed and happy pulled us both into a group hug and yelled.

“I’m gonna have breakfast with my two girlfriends!” I barked “HEY!” but we all laughed it off.

Outside everybody stands around in the cold talking. Some people smoke while others just ramble. Just after Greencoat leaves Keith walks up and he immediately hugs my sister and me. Then another girl walks up and hugs him followed by somebody else. Keith is popular in these parts.

Just after he arrived a man pulled up across the street and stumbled out of the car. He was very clearly very drunk. His eye was super red and nearly swollen shut. He asked for a cigarette and then explained that he’d just been punched in the face. He said he needed a drink and then muttered something about his bitch of an ex-wife before wandering into the bar.

That bizarre distraction was short lived and slightly concerning.

Rei and I stood around and talked to Keith for quite some time. Probably the funniest part of this conversation is the explanation of a certain photo text message. Apparently our friend D-Heim had sent Greencoat a picture of his dick at some point a few months back. This picture had been sent to many people and from those many people out to many more people. Greencoat had posted it on Reddit to a disappointing few upvotes. Keith’s first comment was that he hates those kind of pants to which my sister laughed that being the thing he noticed. She not only got a text of that penis in question but also got an email.

“In gmail when you get an attachment they show the pictures to the right in a little box, so whenever I check my email I get these normal pictures and then that picture of a penis,” She explained.

“I never got the penis,” I said. “And I thought me and D-Heim were friends.” To this Keith put his hand on my shoulder in a reassuring way.

“Someday you’ll get the penis,” He tole me.

We all laughed. At some point during this conversation the drummer of Pharaohs who had also been standing outside smoking and talking looked over at us and said; “What’s that, a penis?” he walked over and began talking to Keith.

The singer of the Pharaohs Brian came out accompanied by a very friendly drunk girl who said she’d be my friend when I move to Columbus. I hope she remembers! Brian was very drunk as well. He hugged Keith before wandering back into the bar.

Both Rei and I were experiencing freezing cold feet so after Keith and super friendly drunk girl began talking we took it as a good time to leave. We said good bye to Cannal Street Tavern with a wave and a smile then walked back to my car.