Super Sober Spring Break Day One (Out with Friends)

“You like this place because you love chaos,” Swanky says to me. I readily agree with her on that.

Stacks and stacks of books tangled throughout a maze of crooked shelves, pathways on an uneven floor with toy and toys and collectable gathering dust over head. Bonnets books is amazing forever to me. I asked him if he had a copy of House of Leaves and he didn’t but we did have a little discussion about it. He might possibly be a hoarder but Bonnets owner is a super cool nice guy.

As we are heading for the door J-Rabbit stops to swoon over a life size leg lamp from A Christmas Story. We proceed to make jokes with the owner about stroking your hand up the leg slowly as you reach for the switch to turn it on. (In the movie the switch is at the base of the lamp.)

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Second to Fifth (From early December)

Second to Fifth I park in the shadow of the witches tower. The gray chunk of abandoned manufacturing facility stands…

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