Places people birthdays and beer

The outside is a swell of heat and a pool of human beings. Push and squeezing through the crowd to find our way back to the corn hole.
Dancing to Come on Eileen singing the lyrics, I can’t say for sure we distracted the boy’s game but I hope so.
Swanky drinking half a pitcher of beer straight from the pitcher.

Last call music stops. The background bouncy tunes are replaced by a sea of voices that spike and slur into a mixture of conflicting noises.

Suddenly the birthday 21 is yelling and I am inside a crowd of people. There are men yelling and I see body’s fly backward. The whole crowd backs up. Cleo and I are drowning in the masses as the birthday 21 is yelling from somewhere within the thick of the throng. Another girl yells and guys yell. People keep telling people to drop it and leave.

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My first time celebrating St. Patricks Day aka last Saturday

We parked further back than the usual lot. Out near the train track it’s an unfamiliar corner of graffiti and trash. (I’d been given two shots back in the kitchen before we even left the house so I had a start before the start.) I took several swigs from my water bottle of death, then we stepped out of the car.

It was around 3 or 4 I believe. It was cold and basically everybody was at Dublin Pub. That was where I wanted to go but this had been Rei’s idea and she said no to the D-pub.

The sky was overcast into a gloomy dark gray. The wind was a bitter breath down the back of your neck. I should have sensed this foreboding but instead I imagined this was what the weather must be like in Europe this week. The parking lot was full of pot holes and broken bottles. Oh Dayton Ohio my home sweet home.

Out on the street it’s cleaner and more familiar. Rei senses a letdown for the night. “Nobody’s out,” she complains. Determined to have some sort of St. Patrick’s Day outing we decided to hang out at Trolley Stop for a few hours until more people appear.

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Super Sober Spring Break Day One (Out with Friends)

“You like this place because you love chaos,” Swanky says to me. I readily agree with her on that.

Stacks and stacks of books tangled throughout a maze of crooked shelves, pathways on an uneven floor with toy and toys and collectable gathering dust over head. Bonnets books is amazing forever to me. I asked him if he had a copy of House of Leaves and he didn’t but we did have a little discussion about it. He might possibly be a hoarder but Bonnets owner is a super cool nice guy.

As we are heading for the door J-Rabbit stops to swoon over a life size leg lamp from A Christmas Story. We proceed to make jokes with the owner about stroking your hand up the leg slowly as you reach for the switch to turn it on. (In the movie the switch is at the base of the lamp.)

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Another crazy weekend

I saw him walk into McDonald’s slowly taking off his motorcycle helmet in slow motion to soft music playing and a light breeze wafting through his hair.

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I found myself in Blind Bobs drinking a cheap can of PBR. I found myself telling a long haired young man in a baseball cap that I had seen him there many times, but never realized he worked there. That I thought he just hung out at Blind Bob’s a lot. He has the kind of mustache you only see in an old western movie and wears a flannel from the 90’s. He laughs and says that it seems that way. He’s the bartender and I tip him more than my drink actually cost.

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Second to Fifth (From early December)

Second to Fifth I park in the shadow of the witches tower. The gray chunk of abandoned manufacturing facility stands…

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