Wednesday Circus EDM night

Oh I know Badtz and I went to Circus. They do a free ladies entrance EDM night. They even give you one free drink as a girl.

I like Circus it’s cool. They have people making paintings while the DJ performs. The art is always expressive and has such movement it always seems to go great with the music to me.

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My First Columbus Gallery Hop

I saw a lot of fancy nice designer clothes. I saw a million well put together outfits. I saw yuppies and yacht owners.

I saw homeless and stinky.

I saw tourists walking around with wide eyes and cameras at the ready.

I saw families. I saw couples of every possible sort. I saw a million dogs many of them small and so damn cute. Apparently one of the custard shops on High Street was giving out free plain custard with a dog bone to any dog for free this day.

I saw furies. I saw a bunch of full on dog costume people with masks, tails and collars. There were actually a lot of them.

I saw people and children wearing fairy wings.

I saw Drag Queens in beautiful gowns.

I saw organizations which had all their people wearing the same color shirt. Some slogan was printed across I’m sure it said who they were and what they did but I never saw close enough to know what that was. There were at least three different shirts out there a dozen or so being within each pack.

I saw a large group of girls dressed as airline stewardesses. I believe they were handing out flyers for something maybe?

I saw a group of five skate boarders all ride down the street. In unison they kicked off down the road at full speed basically keeping up with the cars who were trapped in the busy High Street stop and go.

And all along the sidewalk you could find tables selling local art, handcrafted jewelry, printed T-shirts, organic goods and more. Many corners featured fantastic musicians playing for money and dressed in their own cool ass style.

When I was off I was off. YHA was set to play at 10:30 at Kafe Kerouac which is on High Street. I walked as fast as I could. I dodged and bobbed in-between the sea of human beings. I squeezed through and I excused. I hurried and scurried. I ran across green light roads. All the while I ignored the pain in my legs and feet.

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Kveikur by Sigur Ros Under the Sea

I’m listening to Kveikur by Sigur Ros and there couldn’t be a better thing to be playing right now. Keep in mind this is my first time listening to this particular album. I’m drawn in initially by the pulsating bloodstream beat. The digital cords wash over and crash against the rocks as the vocals sail overhead in the open air above it all. The vocals swoop down then ride gracefully just above the waters glittery but stormy surface. It sinks and slowly dissolves into a fragment of a tune.

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Bunbury Music Festival ~ my first ever music festival

My alarm went off and I hit snooze. I’d meant for a little more sleep however the excitement of the day sprung upon me like a cup of hot coffee dropped in your lap. My blood was pumping with excitement it flowed static with kinetic energy. I couldn’t sit there a moment longer let alone sleep.

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Sound Rabbit

This article originally appeared Dayton City Paper

In a world of Music that seems to fit everything into cookie cutter genres Sound Rabbit isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Not only do they step outside that rock box, Sound Rabbit proceeds to dabble around with jazz, folk, and pop as well as a wide variety of other musical classifications. Synth meets steady guitar reminiscent of early Weezer on tracks like “Diminished Returns”. The very next track on Tree Trunk Airplanes, “Years Ago”, features a smooth strumming a tune more akin to Elliot Smith, while the track after that bubbles a bit like pop. All of this leads to some well varied albums which won’t wear out even after a dozen listens. Amongst my group of friends we have a term for bands who lack variety; same-y, and Sound Rabbit is anything but same-y.

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Animal Collective one: interview with Geologist

A voice says to you; this is the new. Suddenly warping effects reduce that into an echoed sound. You may be able to catch the word centipede but more likely it flies past you too fast to register. And this is only three seconds in. There is a quick count-down from seven then the beat starts. It’s a pounding rhythm that demands your attention. After a moment the percussion is joined by more instruments then finally the vocals. The chorus holds a layered voice stretching it out as the rhythm keeps pushing forward. This is followed by a scream into the next transition. The effects and vocals combine into a quieter moment then build up then explode with the ending half of the song. It’s layered intricate intriguing and exciting. What more would you expect from the first track on Animal Collective’s new CD Centipede HZ?

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Starving in the Belley of the Whale

This article originally appeared in Dayton City Paper

If you were to think about it, quite literally, Starving in the Belly of the Whale implies being eaten whole. It implies that you are trapped inside a cage of bone and blubber. There you are dying of need while another creature will slowly absorb your body into its own. You’re hungry while he eats. This fits well to the word irony as people use it now-a-days.

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