Yellow Springs Art Stroll

This article originally appeared in Dayton City Paper

There is a place where talented artists live within a close proximity to one another. This small spot on the map has grown into an amazing community where one can feed off other’s creative energy and people genuinely support each other’s projects. This is a free place where something ordinary and plain would stand out against the blossoms of creativity and playful invention.

On any typical day you may walk through Yellow Springs and find variety of exceptional artworks for sale by local vendors. You may also notice the time restraint due to limited hours of these stores. Well for Yellow Springs Art Stoll you will not only find extra special artwork, some of which is made just for the occasion, but these stores will be open until 9:00p.m. providing more time to shop.

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Street Fair Survival

This is an article that originally appeared in Dayton City Paper.

Imagine a bright summer day under the canvas of a crystal clear sky. Picture walking down a busy cheerful street where delicious smells and tastes fight for your attention against the beauty of art and rhythm of music. Every face is smiling and everyone is welcome. This is an atmosphere of celebration. This is the kick-off to summer. This is the Yellow Springs street fair.

Street fairs are supposed to feature the usual local vendors while bringing in a few unique outside businesses. But in Yellow Springs the streets are already colorful with local shops and artisans who are themselves creative, innovative and unique. The Yellow Springs street fair offers us as an event that is alive with fun, exotic snacks, gorgeous artwork, skilled handmade merchandise and live entertainment all day long.

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Last Saturday: Gem City Comic Con, Desolate Ohio and some party

Wide eyes and a deep inhale, we breathe in air of Convention. You can smell dusty vintage, plastic of brand new, sweat, perfume, energy drinks and popcorn. The sounds of a thousand voices mingle together to form a static buzz that floats in the air pumping you up with excitement.

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Super Sober Spring Break days 5 and 6 (Local bands and failed plans)

Tuesday I sleep in because upon waking up I realize I really don’t want to wake up.

Eventually I do get up and as always first-thing-first I must have coffee.

Tyger shows up full anxiety. She’s on Spring break too. (Here I’d imagined myself getting so much done during this break…) We eat chips and salsa then throw the baskets that once held paper plates like Frisbees into the kitchen. Tyger started it, she takes no regard for the possibility of breaking my mothers glass stuff.

I work on Melancholy Evil Poptart as she watches TV.

Later I put in contacts then makeup and we all meet up at Swanky for a trip to Therapy Cafe. It’s free on Tuesdays and they play EDR. I will admit that I was looking forward to this despite being the designated driver. This is Spring break and it’s the only reason I’m not closing on a Tuesday night.

The universe however decided to vomit on me. This vomit is fluffy white and bitter cold.

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Super Sober Spring Break Day One (Out with Friends)

“You like this place because you love chaos,” Swanky says to me. I readily agree with her on that.

Stacks and stacks of books tangled throughout a maze of crooked shelves, pathways on an uneven floor with toy and toys and collectable gathering dust over head. Bonnets books is amazing forever to me. I asked him if he had a copy of House of Leaves and he didn’t but we did have a little discussion about it. He might possibly be a hoarder but Bonnets owner is a super cool nice guy.

As we are heading for the door J-Rabbit stops to swoon over a life size leg lamp from A Christmas Story. We proceed to make jokes with the owner about stroking your hand up the leg slowly as you reach for the switch to turn it on. (In the movie the switch is at the base of the lamp.)

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Another crazy weekend

I saw him walk into McDonald’s slowly taking off his motorcycle helmet in slow motion to soft music playing and a light breeze wafting through his hair.

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My Valentine’s Day

“I just had to walk from here to 2nd street market because I locked my keys in my car!” I tell them. Smiling and nodding, I have everyone’s attention. “I deserve this!” I declare raising the mocha up over my head. The manager agrees with me “Yes you do!”

I start up the stairs with a sweet sip of triumphant delicious late. I turn around half way.

“And I had a coupon!” I shout like an Olympic gold-medalist. My audience claps and cheers as the library seems to stand still in awe of my achievements.

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Openings and Closings

In the other room I find a more subtle piece has drawn the attention of a small crowd. Feeling more confident and having enjoyed a glass of wine I make my way to the back of the crowd. This piece is a mucky brown green with a shape coming through. It’s not so obvious at first which is my initial reason to stare closer. After a moment I realize “Hey that’s a shirt!”

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